Jun 04, 2024 I started a 6-month research internship at Meta Reality Labs in Zurich! 🇨🇭
Feb 28, 2024 FlowMDM has been accepted at CVPR’24! 🥳
Jul 18, 2023 My first PhD publication, BeLFusion, has been accepted at ICCV’23! 🎉
Jul 17, 2023 I attended the Generative Modeling Summer School (GeMSS’23) in Copenhague 🇩🇰 and the International Computer Vision Summer School (ICVSS’23) in Sicily 🇮🇹
Feb 11, 2022 I started a PhD on Computer Vision under the supervision of Prof. Sergio Escalera and Dr. Cristina Palmero, at Universitat de Barcelona 💪🏽
Sep 23, 2021 I successfully defended my Master’s thesis in the 8th Annual Catalan Meeting on Computer Vision 😁
Oct 02, 2020 Won the ‘Best Student Paper Award Runner-Up’ at the International Joint Conference on Biometrics 2020!